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You can get lean while eating more food and you don’t have to ditch the carbs. That’s right and it can be accomplished by using the “5-habits” system.

Precision Nutrition created a simple system that helps to educate clients and teach them how to qualify meal. It’s a very easy system to implement but most importantly it’s sustainable.

Where most people fail when trying to improve their body composition is not eating enough quality food.

Working with a lot women over the years has brought me to the conclusion that they decided 1200 kcal per day was enough food.

Macronutrients and the individual’s specific needs determines how many calories are needed. For the most part 1200 kcal per day is at least 600 kcal too low.

When it comes to weight loss simplicity works best. There isn’t a real need to count calories, especially when using Precision Nutrition’s “5-habits” and your own 2 hands.

Your hands are your best tools for helping you figure out just how much food you actually need. They were made for you.



There are a other weight loss systems out there such as Isagenix, Herbalife, Weight Watchers to name a couple and a lot of them are garbage in my honest opinion.

Having worked with clients who have previously used said systems, I found that the “5-habits” is by far the best for improving health and body composition.

While the other systems did help clients to lose weight, unfortunately it was short lived, because they had to continue using the products of the chosen system until the end of days.

Also some of these systems didn’t teach them how to actually make healthy food choices.

In addition those systems rely heavily on a caloric deficit from food, rather than exercise leaving the individual scrawny with ZERO tone or definition.

It’s weight loss at the expense of building long lean muscle, which is not a good idea because chronically low muscle mass is associated with low bone mass. This may ultimately lead to osteopenia.



Clients who incorporate the “5-habits”, as well as receive nutrition coaching as part of their training experience 3 to 4 times the weight loss than without.

In order to reach your optimal body composition you will need to learn about the importance of nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle.

The most success comes when nutrition is the main focus of your fitness journey. So the best place to start is the “5-habits”.

Educating clients and making them part of the process gives the client control while empowering them with the confidence and the knowledge to achieve their fitness goals.

Achieving optimal body composition doesn’t require rocket science; it just takes a little patience, consistency and a plan.

So the only system that you’ll need is the “5-habits” and they are:

Eat slowly.

Check in with hunger, sit down, relax and take your time, 15-20 minutes for a meal is about right. Make sure you stop eating when you’re about 80% full.

Where are your proteins coming from?

Are you about to eat at least 1 palm-sized portion of protein dense food? Women get 1 palm-sized portion and men get 2 palm-sized portions.

Where are your veggies?

Are you about to eat a large portion of veggies? They can be prepared any way you like. One serving is about 1 fist-sized portion and you should try to at least 2-3 portions per meal.

Where are your carbs coming from?

If you have fat to lose but haven’t just worked out, eat less pasta, bread, rice, and other starchy carbs. Opt for a double serving of veggies instead. If you have just worked out, a mix of carb sources is fine.

Where are your fats coming from?

Today you need some fats from various foods, prioritizing whole food sources like eggs, meats, fish, olives, nuts and seeds. Spread these throughout the day.

Not much that you have to remember and for your convenience there is a “5-habit cheat sheet” too.  It’s a reference guide that can be folded up and put into your purse.  You can also stick it to your fridge.

Either option that you chose it will allow you to use it as a reference guide until you know it by heart.

You’ll be able to download a copy it at the end of this.


At first glance the “5-habit” system will appear to be simple. Maybe too simple to be effective but believe me it works. When combined with your hands as “portion control” it becomes a real powerhouse.

This system is by no means anything new and you’ve probably seen dozens of photos of “portion plates” that illustrate how you should be eating.

Now what Precision Nutrition has done is wrap up all those things you may have seen before, simplified it and made it easy to digest (no pun).

In just a few steps you can create a “5-habit” compliant meal without having to put too much thought into it.

Below is a chart to show you just how simple the “5-habits” system can be.

1. Choose a portion of lean protein. 2. Choose a portion of complex carbohydrates. 3. Add 1-2 portions of vegetables to at least 3 meals each day. 4. Choose 1 portion of healthy fat or 1 tablespoon of unsaturated oil.
Chicken breast
Ground Turkey
Small baked potato
Sweet potato
½ cup of brown rice
1 slice of rye bread
Green beans
Cold-water fish
Nut butters

Booyah! Your 2 hands combined with the “5-habits” creates a sure fire way to improve your body composition. Those are client photos by the way.

Okay, now you know how to categorize things but are you sure of what will go where?

Sometimes people confuse nuts or cheese as protein or sweet potatoes and yams as their veggies.

Technically yams and sweet potatoes are “root vegetables” but for the interest of weight loss it will be lumped in with carbs.

So the chart below should help you identify which foods fall under the correct macronutrients; protein, carbs, healthy fats and vegetables as well as some foods to avoid.  It’s a bit long but it’s just to give you a big head start.

Chicken breast
Turkey breast
Lean ground turkey
Top round steak
Top sirloin steak
Lean ground beef
Lean ham
Egg whites
Whole eggs
Low-fat cottage cheese
Wild-game meat
Turkey Bacon
Sweet potato
Brown rice
Wild rice
Whole-wheat pasta
Beans (black, kidney)
Whole-wheat bread
High-fiber cereal
Whole-wheat tortilla
Whole-wheat pita
Whole grains
Green beans
Green peppers
Brussels sprouts
Bok choi
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Cold-water fish oil
Natural peanut butter
Low-fat cheese
Low-sodium nuts
Olives and olive oil
Safflower oil
Coconut oil
Sunflower oil
Flax seed oil

Foods to Avoid

(except on a cheat day… in moderation)

  • Pork bacon
  • Deep-fried meat
  • Fried chicken
  • Chicken fingers
  • Fish sticks
  • Buffalo wings
  • Hamburgers
  • Fatty cuts of beef
  • Hot dogs
  • Other processed food

At the End of the Day

When working with clients I don’t really have to deviate too far from the “5-habits”, you can get amazing results by applying the system to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Later we’ll go over what to do for snacks and such in between your meals.

These wonderful ladies followed my advice and the system 80% of the time. They were still able to have a little fun with his friends, enjoy a little cheesecake or the occasional glass of wine.

Some people may need a coach to hold them accountable and it’s recommend that you get one if weight loss is an area that you struggle with. In the meantime be sure to download your “5-habits” cheat sheet below.

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