There is a big misconception about trainers, prospective clients think we’re just rep counters or there to act as weight caddies. I can see how that can happen because some trainers are only good for counting reps but sometimes there’s more than meets the eyes. Understand that a good trainer will get you results 3x faster than on your own by providing guidance, support and accountability.

As a PICP strength coach I’m able to get you stronger, leaner, faster, and structurally balanced to prepare you for an event, whether it be cycling, golf, hockey or just your everyday life.

I believe everybody could benefit from investing in a good trainer, doesn’t matter how advanced you are. So I’ve put together my top 5 reasons why you need a personal trainer.

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That face you make when you’ve had enough of just spinning your wheels.

1. Not Seeing Results

Probably not from a lack of trying, but you’ve been exercising for several months without any results. WTF! Happens all too often and for good reason.

Over the years I’ve witnessed a lot of people wasting time and effort, working out for 3 hours in one day and still takes on the appearance of someone who works out once per week… Clearly they’re doing something wrong. There’s no real need to workout for more than an hour, unless you’re training for Olympic lifting, power lifting or strength training where the total time under tension is low.

One reason for lackluster results is that a lot of trainees like to shoot the $#!+ at the gym, right in between sets of their workout. Once you start your workout it should be about business. A trainer can come up with a program with proper progressions and rest intervals that works you so hard that you couldn’t even talk even if you wanted to.

There are quite a few one-sided conversations between me and my clients during certain phases of their programs.

Other times a lack of results can come from a lack of direction. Simply not knowing what to do or what exercises to choose from or even when to increase the weight. This results with you performing only the exercise that you’re good at with a weight that you’re comfortable with and have long since adapted to. If you’ve been lifting the same weight for over a month then clearly you’re not any stronger and chances are you’re not looking like you’re any closer to your goal.

A trainer can help you by creating an efficient and effective workout program, know when it’s time to increase the weights and push you hard enough to get you results.

2. Accountability

Let’s be honest, if you’re paying for an appointment that would be charged if you didn’t show up, chances are you’ll be there. Most people need to have an appointment scheduled in to make fitness part of their lives especially for fast paced A-type personalities.

People are busy, you may have children, families and a whole lot of other commitments that can easily take priority over the gym and your health. I’ve had clients admit that if they didn’t have an appointment to train with me they would even step foot in the gym.

Showing up to the gym is just one aspect of accountability. Making good nutritional choices, taking your vitamins, doing your homework (yes, homework), like stretching or additional activity, coming in for extra workouts or any other recommendations are all part of accountability and the better your adherence the better your results.

A good trainer will find ways to make sure you do what you said you were going to do.

3. Comfort Zone

We like to do the things that we’re comfortable with and let’s be honest… nothing grows inside of a comfort zone. This can also be a cause for reason number 1, people don’t care for pain so much and will actually avoid pushing themselves to failure.

Those last couple of reps where you really have to grind your teeth and bare down are actually the reps that will force an adaptation, meaning it will make you stronger next time.

In my experience whether it’s a client or a member working out on their own, the majority just don’t push hard enough. A typical trainee won’t use a heavy enough weight, won’t execute a full range of motion (they’re not bodybuilders) and rarely works to concentric failure. Nothing like have your legs buckle under you after a good set of lunges, ah… fun times.

A trainer will push you past your limits, making you do just 1 more rep… then 4 more and you know what? You’ll become stronger because of it. You may end up hating your trainer but you’ll love the results.

4. Proper Form

To get the most out of an exercise you need the correct form and a trainer who knows a bit about anatomy and how muscles pull on bones can make all the right tweaks to make an exercise effective and efficient as it pertains to your goals.

Learning how to correctly perform an exercise will ensure that you are using the right muscles so that you don’t compensate with other muscles and cause and acute or an overuse injury. The last thing you want to do is be “that guy” who does “hunch back” deadlifts.

With a knowledgeable trainer by your side you don’t have to worry about proper form trusting that injuries will be minimized as a result, which enures that you can keep working out and enjoy the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

5. Variety

Most people are stuck doing the “same ol” routine and end up with less results then when they started their program. This is because of an adaptation, which usually happens after 6-8 weeks doing the same thing. A trainer in the “know” will be up to date with all the best exercises to keep you engaged.

I have witnessed trainees performing the exact same workout for over a year, I would see whatever exercise they’re doing┬áthat day and know which exercise would come next… and see them put on the same weight they had 4 months ago. $#!+ this one time a member pulled me aside and admitted to using the same program for 3 years. F*ck! I didn’t say that, but the look on my face did.

By hiring a training you can achieve many things. You’ll learn a lot of new techniques, proper form and probably exercises you’ve never tried before in ways you’ve never tried them. Understand that not all trainers are created equal, you should definitely do your research before you decide to entrust your health and fitness goals to a trainer.

Next time I’ll give a few tips on how to choose the right trainer for you. If you or a loved one is looking to invest in a trainer then check out my remote online training, and for a limited time, I have a couple of spots open. Follow my advice 80% of the time and I guarantee results.

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