If you haven’t been performing deadlifts as part of your workout routine then you are missing out on one of the best exercises to build a beautiful back, lift your butt and “tone & define” your body.

Join me in this workshop to learn proper deadlift form and how to make your workouts more efficient and effective.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Proper form and technique
  • Tempo (speed at which you perform the exercise) and why you need it
  • Deadlift progressions (How to build up to deadlifts)
  • Assistance exercises
  • Pre and post workout nutrition
  • How to plan a workout
  • Lots MORE!

This workshop is for beginners, intermediates or anyone who wants to learn. But let me tell you who it’s not for; those who don’t want to build long lean muscle and choose not to lift heavy because they feel it will make them bulky.

Date and Time
November 11, 2018
9am to 11am

Pure Fitness Canada – Leaside
20 Brentcliffe Rd Unit 4, Toronto, ON M4G 0C6

*Limited to 4 participants.


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