Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You may have heard this a million times, and it is true. There are many benefits of eating a nutritious breakfast.

In my professional experience, the most successful clients start their day with a healthy breakfast.

The Start of Your Day

You have been fasting between the time you had your last meal and breakfast. Generally, eat breakfast 20-30 minutes after waking up. Doing so will help to set rhythm into crucial hormones that facilitate lean body mass preservation and helps hormones associated with stress and detoxification.

After a night of restorative sleep, the liver, being the body’s chief detoxification organ, requires a steady supply of amino acids to initiate the detoxification process shortly after waking.

You can’t achieve this with a scone and a coffee.

What About Intermittent Fasting?

Women should not do intermittent fasting for prolonged periods because it dis-regulates sex hormones. For every 1 month of intermittent fasting, it will take 4 months to regulate sex hormones.

For women transitioning or currently in menopause, strategic intermittent fasting can be very beneficial, but it is a topic for another time.

Waiting too long to eat breakfast, your body may believe that food will be scarce for the day and slow your metabolism.

Subsequently, even healthy foods eaten later could potentially be stored as fat simply because you’ve programmed your system to save these calories.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Another benefit of eating breakfast is that it helps set the temperature in your body for the day. If weight loss is something that you want, then breakfast is a must. You want to stoke the fire to get your metabolism burning; enough to start burning fat.

Those who eat a healthy breakfast as part of their daily routine eat fewer calories throughout the day and have an easier time losing weight. Skipping breakfast can increase your body’s insulin level. Insulin is a storage hormone, and chronically elevated levels increase fat storage leading to weight gain.

A Trick if You Don’t Have an Appetite

If you’re not hungry first thing in the morning, try drinking a 6-8oz glass of water with a splash of lemon or lime to help stimulate appetite.

You may also try a salt water and lime juice tonic containing several health benefits. You can view an instructional video on my YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

woman over 40 preparing a breakfast smoothie.

What to do When You Workout at 5 AM-ish

If you’re an early bird who works out first thing in the morning, then the same rules apply. Eat something easy to digest, such as eggs, thirty to forty-five minutes before you exercise. Alternatively, you can drink a protein-only shake.

Working out on an empty stomach may catabolize your muscles. Your body will do this to get the energy to perform your workout and not burn body fat! Therefore you’ll have less muscle mass and the same body fat… inevitably leading to a marshmallow physique.

A well-balanced breakfast consists of protein, carbs, and healthy fat, which will refuel your body and replenishes the glycogen stores that supply blood sugar.

To reach your weight loss goals, don’t skip breakfast. Even if all you can grab is a banana or another piece of fruit, eating it on your way to work, class, or even the gym is better than nothing.

If you want to take control and achieve lifelong, sustainable weight loss, Darryl Rose Fitness can help.

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