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This program is a 90-day online course that is tailored towards the beginner trainee who is looking to lose weight and improve health and fitness but is unable to meet with me in person. The Nutrition Starter Program has all the same elements as my Nutrition Coaching services except done remotely.

You will be given a thorough questionnaire to fill out and resubmit, which will provide me with very important information that will help establish your level of understanding pertaining to nutrition. Together, through a Skype consultation we will evaluate the information, set some “outcome and behavioral” goals and provide you with suggestions for improvement that will go hand in hand with your bi-weekly nutrition lessons.

I will introduce a new step only once every two weeks depending on your adherence of your previous task. The reason for this approach is that too much information can be overwhelming, confusion and ultimately lead to frustration. Through bi-weekly “office hours” support, we will be able to make outcome based decisions to help you reach your fitness goals.

You do have to know all that stuff, but don’t worry we’ll teach you that while keeping it simple by using the methods of Precision Nutrition. At any given time you only need to know what to do next and with Darryl Rose Fitness you get: guidance; support; and accountability, every step of the way.

  • 30 minute Skype questionnaire assessment/consultation
  • Monthly weight tracking, weight, measurements and photos. Guide provided.
  • Progress assessments, coaching, support and accountability to keep you on track and consistent
  • Outcome based decision-making
  • 6 Nutrition lessons delivered via email
  • Accountability tracking sheet
  • Office hours Skype message/limited email support

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