Fascial Stretch Therapy™

FST is a proven method of pain free stretching that will rapidly improve your mobility, strength and flexibility. There are many applications for this new and innovative system of stretching. These range from gaining optimum flexibility for athletes, improving posture, rehabilitation from injury, and relaxation.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is performed on a table, on the floor, or in the field. The Fascial Stretch Therapy method is used to regain optimal length of tight tissue. In most cases, it is performed on a table by a certified flexibility therapist.

Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool

The FAT-Tool similar to Gua Sha or Graston techniques but different in that it mobilizes soft tissues without causing damage or bruising.fascial-abrasion-tool-960

Developed by Dr. Mark Scappaticci, the revolutionary design of the FAT-Tool features multiple treatment edges and profiles in an all-in-one, tool. In addition, fascial tension release is enhanced with the unique, patented textured surface, which allows for superior grip of the fascia with less direct pressure required.

Fascial Mobilization using the FAT-Tool specifically targets and loosens fascia that surrounds and interconnects muscle tissue that when tight, can restrict range of motion and impair quality of movement.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is strong connective tissue which performs a number of functions, including enveloping and isolating the muscles of the body, providing structural support and protection.

Who Needs Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Everyone! One of the most ignored aspects of aging, function and athletic performance is the loss of flexibility in our joints, muscles and fascia. This process starts well before one reaches middle age and begins even sooner in amateur and professional athletes. As we begin to lose flexibility, our joints deteriorate, posture is compromised, physical appearance changes, muscular imbalances develop and we become more prone to pain and injury from simple actions.

Kinetic Chain Enhancement

The Kinetic Chain Enhancement (KCE) created by Strength Sensei Charles R. Poliquin, this method combines a number of effective soft tissue techniques to primarily achieve the result of re-calibrating muscle/fascia and connective tissue. In conjunction with FST and FAT Tool it becomes a power house in restoring strength and mobility in the fastest amount of time possible.

Fascial Stretch Therapy Package Breakdown

Packages Sessions Visits Per Week
Very Serious 20 sessions 3x/week for 2 weeks
2x/week for 4 weeks
1x/week for 6 weeks
Serious 10 sessions 2x/week for 2 weeks
1x/week for 6 weeks
Kinda Serious 5 sessions 1x/week
Not Serious 1 session

1 Session

Kinda Serious
5 sessions

10 sessions
2x/week for 2 weeks
1x/week for 6 weeks

Very Serious*
20 sessions
3x/week for 2 weeks
2x/week for 4 weeks
1x/week for 6 weeks

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