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It can be transformative to embrace the journey when you are in your 40s or approaching menopause, but there will also be challenges.

A common challenge is the sudden onset of carbohydrate cravings.

Dark chocolate is a rich, indulgent treat that can help you satisfy your cravings and address the changing needs of your body.

This blog post will explore the amazing benefits of dark chocolate in terms of reducing stress, curbing cravings for carbohydrates, and increasing magnesium intake.

A Sweet Tooth

Stress can lead to cravings for sweets, and sometimes chocolate in particular.

Women who are under acute stress can benefit from dark chocolate. This is because it reduces cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty food.

Also, it’s packed with antioxidants and polyphenols (anti-aging). A single serving of dark chocolate has 50mg of polyphenols, which is more than other foods.

Magnesium is the secret to dark chocolate’s health benefits.

The 100-calorie serving contains 36mg magnesium (9% RDA), and 2mg iron (25% RDA).

Feedback Loop

Extracellular magnesium is released when cortisol remains elevated. Magnesium excretion through the kidneys increases. As a result, you might become deficient, and magnesium deficiency increases carb cravings.

If you overindulge your cravings, it will affect insulin, which is a hormone that leads to weight gain.

After a spike in your insulin from eating something sweet, you’ll need to pick yourself up again because of a blood sugar crash. This will start a vicious cycle.

Stress, cravings, sweets, and crash. Repeat.

It’s Okay to Indulge

Dark chocolate can be a great way to reduce stress and cravings. However, not all dark cocoa is the same.

Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa or more is the best choice for maximum benefits, without any added sugar.

I recommend my clients eat two squares after dinner because magnesium is a calming substance, so it’s best to eat dark chocolate at the end.

A trick to savor the taste and to help curb the carb cravings is how you eat it. Place a square under the roof of your mouth and press your tongue in it. Then, let it melt. Do NOT chew.

Do the same thing for the second square.

You Should Know

Dark chocolate and other bitter foods make your stomach take longer to empty. It will make you feel fuller for longer and regulate your blood sugar.

Controlling your insulin will help you to have more energy and less desire for unhealthy snacks.

It takes a lot of convincing to get clients to indulge in dark chocolate, as it seems counterintuitive for weight loss.

The benefits of a few squares outweigh their 100 calories. If you want it, then eat it. Enjoy it without guilt.

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