Workout programs designed by Darryl Rose Fitness use proven methods to burn the maximum amount of fat and build long, lean muscle. Each program is individualized and tailored toward your needs and fitness goals. Through regular assessments, tracking of progress, goal setting, a little hard work, and your commitment, Darryl Rose will motivate and help you will fitter, healthier, and more “toned” than you’ve ever been.

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$97-$137 per Session

  • 60-minute Session
  • Strength Training and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Kinetic Chain Enhancement Techniques
  • Customized Nutrition Guidelines
  • Metabolic Analysis (Bio-Signature)and Assessments


$150-$180 per Week

  • 2 to 3 Sessions per Week
  • Strength Training and Metabolic Conditioning
  • Bi-weekly Measurements
  • Customized Nutrition Guidelines
  • Online Training Support


Together, we will sit down for your FREE Fitness Consultations and discuss your fitness goals, previous training history, nutrition, take measurements, and a physical assessment.

Then based on your goals and our findings, we’ll determine how long it will take to achieve your goals. We then ask you to choose a package that best fits the commitment level of your fitness goals. If you commit to 20 weeks to hit your goal, then we have 20 weeks. No long-term contracts!


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Do you look in the mirror and feel frustrated, upset, or humiliated because of how your body looks? Can you accept responsibility for the way your body is today and understand that your old habits need to change which requires patience, dedication and commitment?

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