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What I Learned From the Pro’s

I had the opportunity to hear John Meadows speak at the SWIS Symposium in November of 2015 and it was awesome.

It was quite satisfying being able to put together information that I had learned from other leading fitness coaches over the years.

Program design is something that I love to do, and it can be very complex but it doesn’t have to be. For the most part people want “tone and defined” arms. If you follow a few principles from the people that have been doing it awhile you’ll be all right.

So combining some of John Meadow’s principles with the principles of another creates an awesome workout!

Experimenting with different principles from Vince Gironda; his 8×8 method is used as a “pump” day, which fits nicely with John’s method. More on “pump” day for another time.


What Kind of a Workout is It?

The workout covers a wide variety of angles, playing with strength curves and focuses on different parts of the arms. This allows you to cover all your angles so that you can really shape your arms.

For this workout you’ll need to keep your working weights the same and strictly adhere to the rest times to the second from set to set and exercise to exercise.

Put really big headphones on so that you’re girlfriends will know you’re serious and less likely to stop and chat.

You’ve gotta pretend that the gym is empty and you’re the only one there, no distractions so you can keep going non-stop.

If you don’t have a painful burning sensation from the end of your first exercise until the end of your workout then you’re doing it WRONG!

The Workout

Below is a fun workout to try, which definitely have your arms sore for days. That will mean it’s “toning and defining”.

Oh and more thing, progression. With each workout you want to reduce your rest time a little, maybe by like 5 seconds until you eventually reach 15 seconds rest time. By that point you can overload your arms by adding weight each session if you’re able to perform all your reps.

Here’s the workout:

A – Off-set Dumbbell Curls (thumb against plate) 8×8

B – Preacher Curl 8×8

C – Incline Dumbbell Curl 8×8

D – Seated Zottman Curl 8×8

E – Barbell Wrist Curl 8×8

F – Dips (Upright Torso) 8×8

G – Tate Dumbbell Tricep Extensions 8×8

H – Overhead Tricep Extensions with Rope 8×8

Rest 30s in between sets and in between exercises.

With each week your workouts should get shorter and shorter to the point where you can get it done in about 40 minutes or less with heavier weights than when you started.


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