Learn From the Only PICP Coach in Leaside

Darryl has attended 3 levels of the Poliquin International Certification Program, which qualifies him as a State/Provincial coach. Through the Poliquin Group Darryl has learned how to rehabilitate athletes from career ending injuries.

Having shoulder pain lasting for longer than a 6-weeks even after physiotherapy can be sign that it’s time to try a different approach. Join me in this workshop and learn how to lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle to reduce or eliminate pain.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to use the “Green Band of Awesomeness”
  • Shoulder girdle stretches and the order in which to do it
  • Tempo (speed at which you perform the exercise) and why you need it
  • Rotator cuff and other shoulder rehab exercises
  • How to add rotator cuff exercises to you workout for maximum benefit and recovery
  • Lots MORE!

Purpose of the Workshop

This workshop is designed to teach you how to execute rehabilitation exercises (specifically for the shoulders) effectively and with proper form. Anyone who wants to learn how to integrate shoulder mobility and shoulder rehab specific exercises may attend.

If you have a complete tear of your rotator cuff then this workshop is NOT for you as you will most likely require surgery. If you have a partial tear then you can benefit a great deal from this workshop in order to prevent further injury.

Details About the Event

Date and Time November 21st @ 6:30pm or 23rd 2019 @ 10:30am
Price $50 + hst ($60 + hst non Pure members)
Location Pure Fitness – 20 Brentcliffe Rd #4, Toronto, ON M4G 0C6

*Limited to 6 participants.

How to Attend

If you’re interested in attending this workshop and you’re a member of Pure Fitness Leaside simply go to the front desk, pay and secure your spot.

For non Pure Fitness members interested in this workshop, all you need to do is call the club and pay over the phone.

Call Pure Fitness at 416•429•7873

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