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Recovery is one of the most important aspects in achieving your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight and tone-up or build long lean muscle, your performance during your next workout will depend on how well you’ve recovered from your last workout.

When you’re able to increase your performance, you can lift heavier, run faster, focus better, etc; all the things necessary to build more lean tissue, which allows you to burn more fat.

In my professional experience training over the years, trainees that achieved the best results with me were the ones that were able to get through one of my workouts (like GBC) and not get too sore by their next training session because they learned and implemented proper post-workout nutrition.

Understanding ratios of nutrients and nutrient timing will help you recover quickly. Exos Performance Nutrition has 3 R’s of recovery that can be very helpful when it comes time to remember what you should consume after your workouts.

The 3 R’s are of recovery are;

  • Refuel with carbohydrates
  • Rebuild with protein
  • Rehydrate with water and electrolytes

When I create meal plans for my clients I tailor their meals to maximize recovery from workout to workout using customized ratios of the 3 R’s. 80% of your work is in the kitchen. You cannot out-train a bad diet.

Getting your nutrition handled isn’t easy and it takes time to learn. Stay tuned for the next post where I’ll go over specific numbers for optimal crab-to-protein ratio.

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