Exos Performance’s clever way of remembering what’s needed post-workout are the 3 R’s of recovery, which by now you know can be very helpful when it comes time to implement these nutrition strategies.

Just a recap, the 3 R’s of recovery are;

  • Refuel with carbohydrates
  • Rebuild with protein
  • Rehydrate with water and electrolytes

From my previous posts you learned just how much carbs and protein you need to provide your body with optimal recovery. Just in case you missed it go back HERE and take a look.

To give an example of how you’d put it all together, let’s say a female trainee who weighs around 123lbs, looking to build lean tissue and burn fat, just finished 4 rounds of a “death circuit”. She would need to consume 17-22g of protein and 67g of carbohydrates post-workout for optimal recovery.

To get the post-workout protein requirements from the example above:

Step 1: 123lbs/2.2 = 56kg
Step 2: 56kg X 0.4 = 22g

To get the post-workout carb requirements with from example above:

Step 1: 123lbs/2.2 = 56kg
Step 2: 56kg X 1.2 = 67g

An idea of how the above female trainee would incorporate this into her routine would be; have 1 scoop of whey protein for fast delivery of nutrients and at her next meal an hour or so later she would have a meal adhering to the 5-Habits.

The leftover carbs from the formula above would come from a lower glycemic source such as brown rice, quinoa or sweet potato just to keep things simple.

There you have it folks. Now get out there, have a great workout and remember to refuel correctly in order to achieve optimal recovery and body composition.

If you need a meal plan designed for you so that you can reach your health and fitness goals faster and safely please inquire about my “Serious” Nutrition Meal Plan.

Best of health,

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